The Alberigo School for Advanced Religious Studies, named after the late Foundation’s director Giuseppe Alberigo, offers formation and research experience to young Italian and foreign scholars in the branches of history of religions, exegesis and theology. The Alberigo School offers scholarships for four-year specialization in religious studies and fills periodically posts by competition. The title obtained is equivalent to a regular PhD. Furthermore with similar proceeding the Alberigo School fills the posts for four-year post-doctoral scholarships by competition open to fellows of every nationality. The Secretary of the Foundation, the Scientific Committee and the coordinator of the School verify the status of the research projects to be completed, assign Italian and foreign tutors to the fellows and organize the activities of critical literature of the classics of religious studies in the twentieth century (the cycle comprises Von Rad, Jeremias, Dupont, Childs, Sanders, Kelly, Momigliano, Grillmeier, Grabmann, Dvornik, Tierney, Ullmann, Miccoli, Alberigo, Jedin, Cantimori, Aubert, Chenu, Poulat, Congar, Fouilloux, Langlois).

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